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 Steering study page.


For my archive, just a few words,
photos and sketches of my search
to a good and reliable steering system.

First on my list: Rack and Pinion system (edit: did not make it)
Second on my list: Transmission System
(edit: final system of choice)

Click in the pictures to enlarge

Mock-up 900 wheel with centre +800

Mock-up Rack and Pinion steering components


Schedule of correct (designed) dimensions

Relative wide recess for draglink movement :-(


Notes to myself

So far, I am not satisfied with the above R&P solutions.
That's why I've ultimately chosen for a transmission steering system.

Some notes and sketches for myself.

It turns out that the proposed position of the gearbox is too far aft
with the consequence that the torque tube is too high for the aft cabin bed
where it is intended to go underneath the bed bottom.

The solution is to move forward the whole rudder 96 mm.
This means the lower step in the stern will change in width from 374 to 278 mm.
Resulting in a 210 mm. extension of the reduction gearbox shaft.

Below the final design and ordered Jefa parts.
The reduction gearbox is housed in its own watertight compartment
and separated from "outside" by a sealed roller bearing.
The still missing pedestal is on my design board and will be built in composite by myself.


Now this looks more like what I was looking,
a nice compact setup with minimal couplings
and an integrated autopilot drive unit.

Case closed.