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 Building Pionier, a Waarschip 740.

With a loan of the bank I bought the kit-version of my first boat in July 1980, a Waarschip 740 , and it was delivered by the end of that year. These kits were made in a little town in the very North of the Netherlands, called "' t Waar " and consists of a wooden bare hull, the roughly pre-sawed Bruynzeel Marine ply and all other mahogany profiles, West epoxy, paint, the cast-iron keel and the basic hardware. The boat was advertised to be made of ?synthetic wood?! For building I could use a spot in the barn of a friend of mine, who was building a 33 ft. Van de Stadt design, the Pionier 10 . Being not awkward, but not knowing if boat building was something I could manage, I choose for the kit version. Starting with just a few plans, as my friend did, was one step too far for me in that time. And besides of that, I wanted to go sailing and not building. After all, it took ample three years, or better said, 3 half years.

Klets Boum !

It was a busy time; building a boat, starting with my carrier and I fell in love with Monique (we married ten years after this). All time consuming things, while my friend was thinking I could do the building within a year. Besides breaking out the doorway (his boat was too wide for passing the door) my unfinished boat stood in front of the doorway. So I had to move and went to a yard near the Eem River. There I finished my PIONIER (an applicable name, the project started in the shadow of the Pionier 10 and I felt everything was some kind of pioneering; ?pionier? is the Dutch equivalent for ?pioneer?).

Upside down bare hull  (36114 bytes) My father painting the hull outside (28323 bytes) Turning the hull  (31586 bytes) First thing to do was conserving the outside with West epoxy and painting. In this stadium it was easy to have the hull upside down till painting was finished. Then we turned the hull with help from some friends. With building the inner structure the hull gets her rigidity.
View from front  (43066 bytes) Building the cabin roof (35794 bytes) Click on these images to enlarge.

 Typical features of the Waarschip designs (for all models) are the clinker built multi-chine plywood hull and the typical reinforcements for the cabin roof on the outside (easy to built). Every piece of wood has been sealed on both sides with 3-layers of West epoxy. For the non-skid deck I choose Treadmaster.

Cabin window (17224 bytes)

Cockpit floor and engine base (36215 bytes) Building the cockpit and side decks (30128 bytes) Anchor locker and deck beams (31073 bytes) Starboard lockers (37009 bytes)

Epoxied cabin roof outside (71745 bytes)

Making the decks (68969 bytes) Mounting the saildrive (36096 bytes)

Volvo Penta MB2A/50S

Treadmaster decking (26938 bytes) Making of the rudder.

While not all details were ready, I had to sail.

Enough building, Pionier has to float. We organized a little party for launching.

Mounting the keel Come out !


All on board (39300 bytes)


Welcome on board

Let's party ! (33013 bytes)


Cheers !

Christening ceremony (100633 bytes) Happy end (46473 bytes)


Happy end.

Ready for sailing  (55937 bytes)


Ready for sailing !


Now let's go sailing !

Pionier with "Bollejan"  (20964 bytes) Sailing out of Terschelling Harbour  (16367 bytes) Sailing in the Limfjorden, Denmark  (66062 bytes) Mist in Havre Gosselin, island Sark (37053 bytes) Sailing in "het Schuitengat"  (16026 bytes)
Anchoring in Havre Gosselin, island Sark  (28408 bytes) Monique and Henny with Pionier  (35165 bytes) Hard work (31820 bytes)

Sailing "het Wad"

here you can find all info about "Waarschepen"

the Waarschip Yard has moved to Delfzijl