Full Vacuum Infusion Instruction to create all F-39 Trimaran hulls and parts

EURO 2500.00



The next step beyond the RI Starters Kit

This package comes with the schemes and lay-outs of the vacuum infusion strategy for the float hull interior, float hull exterior, main hull interior,  main hull exterior and my support by email.

The plans are well proven and based on my own practice. They show the layout  of vacuum tubes and resin lines as well as the material use.

The smart compartmentalization of resin supply and vacuum lines ensures a carefree but equally simple injection strategy.

And this with just one easy to control resin supply line.

"KISS" is the starting point.  No complicated strategies, no need for more operators then yourself, however a second pair of hands and eyes are still usefull. Or an extra person who is responsible for mixing the resin so you can relax in watching the progress of the resin front.

In fact, during the infusion, that is the only thing that matters, keeping the resin bucket sufficiently full of resin.

All the big hull infusions are done within one to two hours, depending on temperature and resin viscosity.

For all infusions just one resin filling point is required. Your worries are limited to keeping the resin bucket sufficiently full. It is just that easy.

I will remain available by email to guide you trough the vacuum infusion setup and process of your F-39 trimaran and will give you answers to all your remaining questions.

Of course there is the possibility to scale down or up to other boats or objects.  My plans are a good base to do so but remember I will not develop new strategies. My contribution will then be limited to an advisory role.





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