Do-it-yourself Resin Infusion Starter Kit

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The next step beyond vacuum bagging
is much easier than you think.

Practice tells you more than words. This package comes with a basic infusion manual. This manual describes the making of your first successful composite panel with resin infusion. It will teach you how to infuse simultaneous both sides of a panel or bulkhead. It will also teach you to think on how and why resin flows as it flows through your composite part.

When you are experienced with vacuum bagging, you will have a good time but asking yourself  why you have been messing around with sticky resins, brushes, fumes, gloves, etc. That just doesn't make sense anymore and infusing is a lot more pleasant to do.  You will never look back after your first infused panel.

When you are a novice builder, you've missed nothing, just enjoy.

Please surprise yourself with this easy way of making a high quality composite panel.

This is by far the easiest way to enter the world of Vacuum Resin Infusion!



The infusion starter kit includes:

Vacuum tubes, Spiral tubes, Vacuum film, Sealant Tape, Bi-axial glass fabrics, Resin Distribution Medium, Peelply, Release film, the Infusion Manual, Tips & Tricks.

Besides of making your first vacuum infused panel with this, these supplies are also a good point of reference to purchase similar materials at your local store.

Furthermore the package contains the instructions on how to make an easy to use and re-use vacuum tank, made from widely available pvc drain parts.

In addition to this you will need about 600 gram of mixed resin, a ±A3 (8,5"x17") sized core material (foam, balsa or plywood) and a vacuum pump. These items are not included.

But there is more .........

In this package you will also find an instruction movie on CD, with the step-by-step infusing of a larger bulkhead panel of about 3 sqm., also with the simultaneous infusion of both sides of the panel, as this is the only way to do this right!

When you have followed all my directions, you have learned enough to do successful injections on other panels or bulkheads as well. And who knows, even complete boat hulls later on .........

For any supplementary questions I will remain available by .



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