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What is the meaning of the name FRAM ?

The name for my F-39 trimaran will be FRAM. Yes indeed, named after the famous 39 meters long Polarship FRAM as a witticism to all who think a fast and lightweight trimaran can't be strong and seaworthy.  "Round and slippery as an eel" is another similarity as the Polarship was able to resist the ice pressing by rising above the ice. Not that the F-39 is equal, far from that, but the trimaran converts this quality in to speed by rising above the water.

In Norway FRAM means "Forwards" and thus also apply to the whole building project (I do not believe in lines of retreat) as to the fast sailing qualities of the F-39. And, besides of this, FRAM is all over the world by everyone easy to pronounce and to understand by VHF radio. 

The Polarship FRAM was designed and built by Colin Archer and was, before the Titanic, the most famous ship in the world.

Here is the story of the Polarship FRAM.


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But FRAM is not only The Fram. Here is much more!